Eric Bischoff Praises AEW’s Old-Style Booking of Their Shows

Eric Bischoff has raved about All Elite Wrestling quite often in the past, and the former WCW chief churned out praise for the company once again on the latest edition of his podcast, 83 Weeks.

Bischoff talked about how AEW is bringing back the old school formula of letting wrestlers do their own promos, without scripting it to the max.

He also gave props to the company for planning out long-term stories, which has often been criticized by the fans with regards to WWE’s booking.

“I’m guessing they’ve got a pretty good outline and blueprint of what they want to do for the show because you have to plan.”

“But I’m also guessing that they fill in a lot of the detail and the color, if you will, they fill in the colors in a collaborative way [the] day of the show. That was my impression, could be wrong. But that’s going back to the future.”

“That’s the way it used to be, when it was good, when talent had a lot of input into their promos and into their characters. That’s the collaboration that used to make, in my opinion, pro wrestling so much fun to watch.”

Bischoff himself has made a few appearances on Dynamite recently, and his love for the promotion could see him join them in a creative capacity soon.

Bischoff last worked as the Executive Director of WWE SmackDown in 2019, but that lasted only a few months.