Eric Bischoff Reveals Why He Recreated Four Horsemen in TNA

Recently, on the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about recreating TNA’s version of Four Horsemen in the company.

Ric Flair was the leader of the group, and his stable was named Fortune. Initially, the group only consisted of AJ Styles, James Storm, Kazarian, and Robert Roode.

Bischoff talked about Fortune on his podcast and revealed the reason behind modeling Four Horsemen. The former WWE Raw General Manager said that the stable was originally formed to elevate AJ Styles’ character that became stale.

“Hulk and I felt, AJ, as fantastic as he was, was recognized as what a special athlete he was, but we collectively felt AJ was lacking in character,” Bischoff said. “He was doing that homegrown talent, TNA thing for a long time, and he just wasn’t emerging or growing as a character in our opinion.”

He also said that most people weren’t as supportive of this decision as he, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and a few others were.

In the end, the former WWE SmackDown Executive Director said Styles didn’t like this change at first, but looking back at it now, Styles probably thinks differently of it.

“A lot of people would disagree with that, and that’s fine. Perhaps this move with Flair wasn’t the right move for AJ, but I’m explaining why we did it. If he could elevate his character and take it to the next level, he’d be even more special. This was collectively our attempt to do that.”