Eric Bischoff Talked To Vince McMahon Before Leaving, Still Intends To Be Involved In Wrestling

Image via Twitter

Eric Bischoff was a guest on After 83 Weeks where he was asked a little about his brief hiring and firing as Executive Director of WWE SmackDown.

According to Bischoff, it was Vince McMahon himself who told him that he was getting fired from SmackDown.

“Yes, I did have a very good conversation with Vince McMahon,” said Bischoff.

He also said that he had never intended to stay very long with the WWE as there are a lot of things he still wanted to do, including spending more time with his family.

“My wife and I have a beautiful home in Wyoming. We want to travel,” said Bischoff.

“There’s a lot of things that we still want to be able to do, and working eighty hours a week at WWE would put a little bit of a dent in those plans,” he added.

Bischoff is currently in his mid-60s and has been involved in the professional wrestling business for about 30 years now. Though his comments above make it sound like he’s contemplating retirement, he also said that he still wants to and intends to stay involved in the business.

“Of course. You know, I always will. That’s what I’ve done for the largest part of my adult life, and I still have a passion for it,” said Bischoff about professional wrestling.

He added that this latest stint with the WWE and it’s less than spectacular ending was more of a learning experience than anything.

“I think this latest experiment probably proved to me more than anything that it has to be the right opportunity. Not just right for whoever I would work with, but right for me as well,” said Bischoff.