Eric Rowan Destroys Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan, Match Announced For Clash Of Champions

The Big Dog will seek retribution at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte


This week’s episode of SmackDown Live unfolded yet another chapter of the Roman ReignsDaniel BryanEric Rowan storyline.

A month ago, Reigns narrowly escaped a deadly accident backstage which caused him to investigate into the matter. A week later, he was nearly run down in the parking lot. With a vow to track his attacker down, The Big Dog soon got involved in various angles but hasn’t been able to solve the mystery yet (well, apparently).

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Last week, a footage revealed Rowan to be the man behind the attacks which led to Bryan dismissing him with several slaps to the face. The insult didn’t sit well with the Big Red who was back to lay waste to both Reigns and Bryan last night in Norfolk.

Bryan was in the ring, demanding an apology from The Big Dog after being on the receiving end of a spear last week.

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As Reigns walked out to the stage, he was blindsided by an angry Rowan.

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The bald-tattooed-bearded behemoth knew no stopping as he absolutely decimated the former Universal Champion in every possible manner, even going as far as launching him into the steel steps and using the same to bulldoze him at ringside.

Shortly after, Bryan slapped Rowan. This enraged Big Red who didn’t hesitate to drive his former partner through the announcers’ desk.

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WWE has officially booked Reigns and Rowan for a highly physical face-off in less than two weeks at the Clash Of Champions pay-per-view event.

Per rumors, there’s every chance of Bryan getting involved and although it’s likely for Reigns to emerge victorious, WWE could swerve us all with a shock finish.

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The end goal is to set up Reigns vs Bryan at Hell In A Cell and it won’t come off as a shock if The World’s Toughest Vegan aligns with Big Red to cost the victory for The Big Dog on September 15.