Eric Young Opens Up About His Release From WWE

Eric Young recently returned to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary in the World Championship Match, and although he failed to win the title at the PPV, Young captured the title last week.

Young defeated Eddie Edwards on Impact and won his second Heavyweight championship in the company.

Young was let go from WWE in April along with several other talents and seems like he was massively displeased with his booking on the main roster.

Although Young maintained that his relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H was pretty good, he was absolutely disgusted by the way he was booked.

Young was brought up along with Sanity in 2018 to the main roster, after having great success back in NXT.

However, a string of bad booking led to the dissolution of the team in 2019.

Young mostly featured in the low card and the 24/7 title-chasing packs in his later part of the career.

 “I don’t think it’s anything personal. I’m not mad at him. I would never hold it personally against him. But, it was a mistake. A big one. Maybe one of the worst ones he’s ever made. That’s just my opinion, but my opinion won’t change. He made a huge mistake. “