Erick Rowan Reveals That He Was Asked to Return as Part of The Wyatt Swamp Fight

Erick Rowan was released from WWE alongside a number of other talents back in April. The former Tag Team Champion is one of only a handful of stars who are yet to move on to any other wrestling promotion since his release and was recently able to speak to Sportskeeda’s Stephanie Chase.

Rowan, now known as Erick Redbeard, revealed some interesting stories about his time in WWE, which included the fact that the company contacted him about making a return to be part of the Wyatt Swamp Fight back at Extreme Rules.

Bray Wyatt battled Braun Strowman in a unique match that took place inside the swamp, and while there were many extras who were featured in the battle that were made to look like Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, the original Wyatt Family members were not part of the match.

Rowan revealed that WWE did ask about the return but he was forced to decline since he was working on a movie project at the time.

There were many rumors surrounding the Swamp match that Rowan would return and be part of the show, but obviously, this wasn’t the case and finally, Rowan has been able to set the record straight.