Eva Marie Teases WWE Return For A Match Against Bayley

Eva Marie was in WWE only for a short period of time

Image via WWE

Current SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley recently appeared on Fair Game with Kristine Leahy where she was asked about her favorite wrestling storyline in her career so far.

Bayley mentioned that her storyline with Sasha Banks back in NXT that culminated in her winning the NXT Women’s Championship was fun, real, and intense.

That storyline is indeed considered memorable by much of the WWE universe but another storyline Bayley mentioned as enjoyable might be a bit surprising.

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“I don’t know if you guys remember Eva Marie, she used to wrestle for NXT also. We had a cool, little storyline going on somewhere in there, and the fans despised her,” recalls Bayley.

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“I always say my matches with her were my favorite because they were so easy, they hated her and they loved me. So, it made it so much fun and easy,” she added.

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Eva Marie was in WWE only for a short period of time and is a polarizing figure because it was believed that she was hired and pushed because of her “look” and not because of wrestling talent or even desire.

Though she may no longer be part of the WWE, Eva Marie still must keep her eye on the product as she responded to Bayley’s interview on Twitter.

In a gracious Tweet, Eva thanked Bayley for helping her during her time in the WWE and added that she would come back for another run with Bayley.

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Bayley responded to Eva’s Tweet in the affirmative, stating she would take it as a challenge.

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You can check out the exchange in the Tweets below. Eva’s Tweet also has a link to the video of the interview that Bayley did with Fair Game.