Eva Marie Talks About WWE Return, Kofi Kingston Replaces Mustafa Ali At Elimination Chamber

Image via Spaziowrestling.it

Eva Marie Opens Up About Royal Rumble and WWE Return

Eva Marie was released from WWE back in 2016 and has since branched out into acting and modelling, which has become quite a lucrative career for her.

Marie was someone who was rumored to be making her return as part of the second annual Women’s Royal Rumble back in January.

The star herself recently spoke to TV Insider where she stated that the Rumble return wasn’t on the table but she had been talking to the company about a return in the future.

“There has been emails and talk and exchanges back and forth. But no, I was not approached about being a part of the Royal Rumble. I can tell you that. Other things, there has definitely been talks for sure,” she said via Ringsidenews.

Kofi Kingston Will Step Inside The Elimination Chamber

Mustafa Ali was removed from Elimination Chamber earlier this week when it was revealed that the former 205 Live star had been struggling with an injury.

The former Cruiserweight star suffered a concussion at a Live Event over the weekend which was something that forced him to be taken out of the match despite him being one of SmackDown’s biggest stars in recent months.

Ali’s place in the WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber was then up for grabs last night on SmackDown Live. It was then revealed that a member of The New Day would be taking his place.

After teases from Big E and Xavier Woods, it was decided that Kofi Kingston would be the one taking his place in the match where he will be looking for his first WWE Championship.

Kingston has been in WWE for more than a decade and has never lifted WWE’s biggest Championship but the unpredictability of the Elimination Chamber could definitely work to his advantage.