Fans Chant ‘AEW’, ‘Refund’, After Disastrous Main-Event At Hell In A Cell

Image via WWE

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 took place last night from Sacramento and it has since been regarded as the worst PPV in recent memory. WWE did quite a poor job promoting the PPV, as only four matches were announced in advance.

Several matches were added at the last minute, without any proper build, which led to the fans not being invested in the matchups. However, one of the matchups which actually had a proper build, Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt, turned out to be possibly the worst main event in the history of the company.

Seth Rollins delivered a total of 11 curb stomps in the ending sequence of the match, along with a Pedigree, a chair shot, a ladder shot to the head, and it still didn’t keep Wyatt down. However, the referee called off the match after Rollins used a sledgehammer.

This non-finish did not go down well with the fans, who expressed their displeasure post-match. Wyatt laid a beatdown to Rollins after the match, while the entire arena was soaked in chants of ‘AEW’, ‘Refund’ and ‘Bullsh*t’.

With just one week into the ‘new era’, this does not paint a pretty picture for the company. Seth Rollins has slowly transcended into the Roman Reigns role from 2015-2018, and he will undoubtedly be greeted with plenty of boos in the upcoming episodes of RAW and SmackDown.

Similarly, Bray Wyatt’s new persona had great potential to become one of the best characters in WWE. However, this match will have a negative impact on his character, even though he survived a plethora of offense. In kayfabe, he is currently stronger than the likes of Brock Lesnar, who lost to Rollins after 5-6 curb stomps.

The rest of the PPV was average with two great matches in the first hour. Hopefully, WWE recovers from this mess and help Rollins and Wyatt to receive fan support once again.