Female Wrestler Sparks Outrage With “Bloody Tampon” Spot

Priscilla Kelly appeared as part of the Mae Young Classic last year, and was one of many women who took part in the lengthy tournament but was then not chosen as a potential employee for WWE.

Kelly has since returned to performing on the Independent Circuit, but she has gained worldwide recognition over the past few days after a spot in her recent match with Tuna at Surburban Fight’s Last Warning event on December 30th.

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Kelly took her opponent to the outside before she yelled “You want to taste the tuna?” to the audience and then pulled out what appeared to be a used tampon. Kelly then held her opponent’s mouth open and threw the object into it whilst the audience chanted “You sick ****!!”

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The video of the incident has since gone viral with many wrestlers commenting on it including the likes of Gail Kim and Tommy Dreamer. Priscilla Kelly herself has also been forced to defend the spot by stating that it was fake and it wasn’t what it looked like before going on to state that it was never her intention to go viral.

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Kelly has become a well-known face in the wrestling world through her wrestling ability in recent years but now it appears that she has gained exposure for all the wrong reasons. Former Women’s Champion Gail Kim had some interesting views on the incident after she watched the video.

Tommy Dreamer also commented on the spot and seemingly had a completely different view of the incident.

Many fans have commented on the spot over the past few days, but it appears to have done it’s job since wrestling is once again in the headlines.