Fenix Facing Issues as He Attempts to Trademark His Name

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reportedly denied AEW’s Rey Fenix’s attempt to trademark the “Rey Fenix” ring name.

The USPTO denied the filing on January 5, mainly due to confusion regarding a previous trademark for the name “Fenix” which is owned by Lucha Libre FMV.

The trademark for “Rey Fenix” was filed with the USPTO back in August of last year for Fenix with the help of Trademark Engine and assistance from the Masked Republic.

However, Lucha Libre FMV has a trademark for the name “Fenix”, which was used by Rey Fenix when he worked for that company. The Lucha Libre FMV filed their trademark in May 2017 and Rey Fenix provided signed consent for their filing.

Lucha Libre FMV is owned by Lucha Libre AAA and FactoryMade Ventures. They own the rights to AAA trademarks that are outside of Mexico.

Fenix has up to six months to send additional documentation to clear up the confusion if he wants to continue the filing process. If he can’t provide the documentation, his trademark filing will be abandoned.

Fenix, along with his brother Pentagon Jr. is signed with AEW and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. His brother wrestles in AEW under the name Penta El Zero M as “Pentagon Jr.” is trademarked by AAA.