Finn Balor Provides Details on His Recent Surgery to Fix His Broken Jaw

Finn Bálor revealed on Twitter this Monday that he had undergone surgery to fix the broken jaw that he suffered in the match against Kyle O’Reilly during NXT TakeOver: 31.

He recently took to Instagram to reveal more details on the successful surgery.

According to Bálor’s Instagram post, he had actually had the surgery last week on Friday at the Orlando Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery.

He posted a photo of himself in recovery on a hospital bed surrounded by his wife Verónica Rodríguez, and his two doctors.

According to the post, the doctors had to extract a tooth before wiring his jaw shut to restore his bite and help align the fractures.

“Then 3 plates were screwed in to fixate the fractures for a quick recovery. Thankfully no wires were needed after surgery!” he wrote.

Bálor’s jaw had been broken in two places during his TakeOver: 31 match with O’Reilly. Though NXT has noted the injury and said he will be absent, there has been no talk so far on stripping Bálor off the NXT Championship while he recovers.

Bálor himself has not said how long he might be out, but the usual recovery time for a broken jaw is about six weeks.