Finn Balor Sent Home Early From WWE South American Tour

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Finn Balor and the rest of the WWE locker room have been touring South America over the past few days, but it appears that the man behind the Demon has been forced to head home early from the tour for unknown reasons. 

Balor Tweeted an apology to the fans who were in attendance and missed him at the show in Buenos Aires last night, but there has been no official word on why Balor didn’t perform or why he has been forced to head home. 

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What is known currently is that Finn did compete at the live show in Santiago, Chile but was sent home immediately following the show, but it is unknown why. He was scheduled to be part of the Buenos Aires show but didn’t appear, according to a report by Ringsidenews

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The former Universal Champion is scheduled to face Drew McIntyre at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs in just under a week’s time and is expected to be on Monday Night Raw tonight to be part of the final build-up to the match. 

Balor is also scheduled to team with Bayley as part of the Mixed Match Challenge Semi-Finals tomorrow night, so it appears that now would be the worst possible time for Balor to be injured or unable to perform. 

Other than the above Tweet, there has been no word from Balor or WWE officials regarding the situation, but it could become clear tonight on Raw if the former Champion is able to be part of the show in a physical capacity. 

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Balor is one of the stars who has stepped up since Roman Reigns was forced to walk away from the company back in October and with the huge list of superstars currently sidelined as well as Braun Strowman’s status heading into TLC, the last thing that WWE needs right now is another injured superstar. 

As ever WrestlingWorld will keep you updated if there is any more news surrounding this situation in the future.