First Look At CM Punk In His New Movie “Girl On The Third Floor”

CM Punk
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CM Punk walked out of WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble and has remained as far away from the wrestling business as possible over the past four years. His lawsuit with WWE doctor Chris Amann was ruled in his favor earlier this year and it appears that this has closed the book on his lengthy wrestling career.

Punk has since tried his hand at MMA, but lost his only two high profile MMA fights against Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson, he had also taken on a number of other jobs which include writing for comic books and has attended a number of Comic-Con events as a guest.

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Recently, Punk has embarked on a mission into the acting business as he stars in Travis Stevens’ The Girl On The Third Floor, which will be his first main role in a film to date.

According to WrestlingInc: “Punk stars as Don Koch, a man who is failing as a husband, who believes he can make up for past mistakes by fixing up an old house. His wife, Liz Koch, is concerned about the timeline of the renovation because they have a baby on the way. Don tears the house apart for renovations but the house starts to tear him apart as well, “revealing the rot behind the drywall.”

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Filming for the movie took place just outside Chicago and it has reportedly recently wrapped, which is why fans have been given an exclusive look at Punk as Don Koch. Since Punk’s UFC career is all but over and he has openly admitted that he won’t be returning to WWE anytime soon, it’s likely that the former World Champion could be looking into starting his acting career.