Florida Enters Unlock Phase 3, Will Allow WWE to Possibly Bring Fans

As the world continues to be plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic, several institutions are opening up despite the fast-rising cases.

Florida is set to completely open the state, as they officially enter into Phase 3.

The Herald-Tribune reported that Florida Governor DeSantis is ready to completely unlock the restrictions, as restaurants and theme parks were given the green light to operate at full capacity.

Florida’s decision to declare sports as an essential business allowed WWE and AEW to continue their production despite the pandemic, and now, this regulation will potentially allow them to start inviting the fans back to the shows.

Although AEW has already invited fans to their shows at limited capacity, this regulation will allow them to include more fans in their tapings.

Phase 3 has no restrictions on gatherings, which is great news for WWE, AEW, and other sporting promotions.

The announcement encouraged sporting events to continue with limited fans in the arena. However, WWE and AEW are now free to operate at maximum capacity.

“Large spectator sporting events should consider reducing capacity with limited social distancing protocols.”