Former Commentator Explains Why WWE Returned to Saudi Arabia Following The ‘Hostage’ Situation

There have been many rumors regarding Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia back in 2019, with a number of sources stating that there was a hostage situation in the country as WWE looked to return to the states.

This situation delayed many stars and meant that SmackDown was forced to rely on NXT talent and the WWE stars who came over on Brock Lesnar’s private jet.

While there is nothing concrete written about what happened that night, many believed that WWE wouldn’t return to Saudi Arabia following the incident, but the company has already made the trip to the Middle East earlier this year.

Former Spanish Announcer Hugo Savinovich recently talked about the reason why WWE returned to the country on WINC Daily, where it appears that WWE’s stock price was their main motivation.

The former star also went on to talk about how WWE has been looking to destroy his credibility to prevent him from talking as an insider.

“Unfortunately, I think that WWE did not do the right thing by going back. What they wanna do, I believe, is that they wanna keep their stock from falling and they’re in a pretty good price range right now. So, if they destroy my credibility, that’s one less thing. Then sometimes you hear the case has been dropped or whatever, but always read the small print.”

They do certain deals where you settle and you cannot talk about it. With me, they cannot do anything because of the fact that I’m not under contract with them. Nobody owns me. I don’t have to answer not even to my own company Triple-A and I haven’t heard one word from Triple-A saying, ‘You know Hugo, maybe you should not talk about it.’ Nobody has tried to sanction me. Everybody says, ‘Hugo, whatever he said is the truth.’