Former Cruiserweight Champion Working As Guest Trainer At The Performance Center

Gregory Helms The Hurricane
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There have been a number of famous faces helping to craft the stars of tomorrow at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida over the past few years and it’s currently being reported that former Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms is now working as a guest trainer for the next week.

Helms posted the following update on his Twitter account where he revealed that he had been asked to coach some of WWE’s upcoming stars.

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Helms was last seen on WWE TV when he made a shock appearance at The Royal Rumble back in January, the appearance was brief since he was quickly eliminated, but it was obvious that he was a popular addition to the match because the crowd was behind him every step of the way.

Ever since that appearance as part of WWE’s first pay-per-view of the year, there have been reports that Helms could be returning to the ring once again as part of the 205 Live roster, since he was once an integral part of the original Cruiserweight Division.

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Helms has held a number of titles throughout his WWE career and since there have been a number of trainers at the Performance Center over the years, including Shawn Michaels, Lita, and even Mickie James, Helms is definitely someone that the next generation can learn a thing or two from.

There is no word on how long Helms will remain a trainer at WWE’s Performance Centre for, but its thought that he still has a lot of friends backstage in WWE and could be called back in for another spot in next year’s Royal Rumble if the company needs to make up the numbers.