Former Divas Champion AJ Lee Refuses To Rule Out a Return To WWE

Will AJ Lee make a return to WWE?


AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled for WWE since 2015 when she shocked the WWE Universe by announcing her retirement from the business. Lee was coming off the back of a WrestleMania victory alongside Paige and reportedly didn’t tell the company about her retirement plans until the day the news broke that she had walked away.

Since her retirement, Lee has become a New York Best Selling Author after releasing her own Autobiography entitled “Crazy is my Superpower” a book that has recently been developed into a TV show with Lee working as one of the executive producers.

Despite moving on with her life over the past four years, it’s hard to deny that Lee had a talent for wrestling and many fans believed that she walked away from the business too soon. Lee struggled with spinal issues towards the end of her career which was the main catalyst for her retirement.

In a recent interview with Kristine Leahy, AJ was able to talk about her thoughts about her immediate future and refused to rule out a return to WWE.

“I say ‘never say never’ because every time I’ve said never in my life I’ve ended up doing the thing, like ‘I’m never going to date a wrestler’ and then I married one.”

“But I say that I don’t know what the future holds – do not hold your breath but never say never.”

AJ Lee pushed for change for all the women she worked alongside throughout her WWE career and interestingly the spotlight has been on the Women’s Division ever since her departure. It’s a crying shame that she was never made part of the Women’s Revolution so hopefully, WWE finds a way to bring the former Champion back and allow her to compete at the highest level once again.