Former NXT Star Announced for AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament

Former NXT women’s wrestler Taynara Conti will be participating in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament.

Conti’s involvement was revealed by Chris Jericho during yesterday’s Saturday Night Special on his YouTube Channel.

According to Jericho, Conti will be teaming with Anna Jay and they will be facing former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose who will be teaming with former WWE superstar Ariane Andrews. The match between the two teams has already been taped.

“The women’s tag team tournament, I think you guys are really going to like it,” said Jericho on the video. “We’re giving a lot of different people a chance. “

“Taynara, I’m not sure how many matches she just had, I know she was with NXT, and Ariane, we haven’t seen her in a few years now,” noted Jericho. “Anna Jay’s super green, even Nyla’s fairly green so I didn’t know what to expect.”

“All four girls just kicked ass! It was really good, it was way better than I expected,” he added.

The Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: Deadly Draw is supposed to consist of eight teams who will compete for the tag team championships. Aside from Conti and Jay, Rose and Andrews, the Nightmare Sisters consisting of Brandi Rhodes and Allie are the first teams to be announced as participants.