Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Believes Professional Wrestlers Should Be SAG Members

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang is continuing to campaign for better treatment of professional wrestlers.

Yang, who says he is a lifelong WWE fan, voiced his opposition to the WWE’s treatment of their wrestlers after news broke that WWE has banned their superstars from third-party platforms.

Yang was a guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he spoke more about the working conditions of wrestlers.

According to Yang, unionization, specifically, membership in the Screen Actors Guild would be good for wrestlers.

“SAG affords tremendous protections to other actors and actresses who are on screen every day and every week,” said Yan. “The parallels are almost 100% where if you’re a professional wrestler, you are inhabiting a character, you are given storylines and plots, in some cases your given actual lines, you rehearsh and you perform in front of a televised audience.”

“You’re talking hours and hours of scripted TV programming every week, and the wrestlers are talent,” Yang pointed out. “So by right, they should be considered for SAG membership and all of it’s protections.”

Among other things that SAG guarantees actors are health plans. Yang previously noted it was “heartbreaking” for him to hear of his childhood wrestling heroes who couldn’t pay their medical bills.