Former Tag Team Champion May Never Be Cleared To Return

Jason Jordan
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Jason Jordan is the only triple crown Tag Team Champion in WWE currently, but over the past few months, the former Champion has been struggling with a neck injury that has kept him sidelined.

Jordan was sent home from RAW back in February after he cost Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns the chance to win back the Tag Team Championships, and it was revealed that he needed minor neck surgery.

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There has been speculation over the past few months that Jordan could be returning to the ring imminently, but recent reports now suggest that the kayfabe son of former World Champion Kurt Angle may not return to the ring at all.

Mike Johnson revealed on the most recent episode of PWInsider Elite, that Jordan’s neck injury could be much worse than first feared, which is why he’s been on the sidelines for so long.

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“I heard there is no time frame on when Jordan will be returning to the ring, if at all. That’s why they got him backstage working in production. Apparently, it’s a lot worse [his neck] than they thought it was going to be,” he said via Ringsidenews.

It has also been reported that Jordan has been working with the production team in recent months alongside Matt Hardy where he has been shadowing WWE’s producers and learning the ins and outs of the business from the inside so that he has a job to fall back on if he isn’t cleared.

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There were reports that Jordan may make his return to partner up with former American Alpha teammate Chad Gable in the coming months, but this is not looking very likely now given this somber update on his health.