Former UFC Bantamweight Champion On Brock Lesnar Doping: “He’s Been Doing That Stuff”

Longest reining WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar left a bad impression on the mixed martial arts (MMA) community during his last stint with UFC.

The Beast squared off with fan-favorite KO artist Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 200 in 2016. Despite winning the fight via unanimous decision, Lesnar had his win overturned to a No Contest after he failed an in-competition United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) drug test.

Shortly after, Lesnar announced his retirement from MMA before deciding to focus more on pro-wrestling. With his current  WWE contract nearing expiry, Lesnar has been involved in discussions to return to the Octagon. The Beast finally appeared at UFC 226 this past weekend (July 7, 2018) and confronted newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

UFC President Dana White noted that the next UFC Heavyweight Championship match will be Lesnar vs. Cormier. Although fans are waiting to hear a potential expected date, Lesnar is not eligible to fight again until early January, 2019 due to his USADA drug test failure and re-entered the drug testing pool last week.

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With Lesnar expecting to return to The Octagon soon, the MMA community is verbally firing on all cylinders. Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz recently joined “The Scott & BR Show” in San Diego, and stated that he believes Lesnar is “absolutely” doping and will be surprised if he makes it to fight night.

“If he makes it to the fight I’d be shocked. And I just mean that because USADA is the toughest anti-doping system there is on planet Earth, and that guy is absolutely doping. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And he’s not been in mixed martial arts, so of course he’s been doing that stuff. How they’re going to get him to be clean on fight night is beyond me.”