Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Admits Talking To WWE & AEW

Lesnar vs Velasquez could be on the cards if WWE is able to sign the 37-year-old megastar

Image via Twitter

Cain Velasquez is currently signed with UFC and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide but could be landing a mega contract with a major wrestling promotion, namely WWE or AEW very soon.

For the last couple of months, Velasquez has been rumored to be the next big name on WWE’s radar and fans are eager to see him at the top of the promotion’s current roster.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, the 2-time former UFC Heavyweight Champion confirmed talking to WWE.

“We’ve been in talks with [WWE]. They’re going pretty good … We’ll see.”

It was at this time Cain revealed that he’s been in talks with AEW as well!

“I’ve talked to [AEW]. I’ve talked to him a little bit, so I want to talk to him a little more. I think they are doing great things. Now I that I’ve started watching a little more pro wrestling, I think AEW is doing some really cool things. And they have a good relationship with AAA as well, so they have a lot of guys going to AAA, and back to AEW. And AEW too does a lot of like, lucha stuff, you know. They do a lot of lucha wrestling, which I think is pretty cool. I really like what they’re doing as far as the wrestling aspect of it. I think they have really good athletes coming in, really good showmen. They’re making — they’re doing good things right now, yeah.”

Choosing AEW over WWE could be the safest bet for Velasquez given the upstart promotion enjoys a good working relationship with AAA, the company he’s currently part of.

Velasquez further noted that he won’t be appearing on AEW’s debut show on TNT next month due to his AAA commitments.

“Not yet, because I’m just doing — I can only do these three AAA matches. But yeah, I would love to do more. And with different organizations as well, I would.”

Velasquez defeated former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar almost nine years ago in UFC. Given The Beast is already 42 and has bored fans with his monotonous ‘stale’ in-ring style, Velasquez would be the ideal guy to replace him as the next biggest box-office draw in the WWE Universe.