Former WWE Announcer Reveals All About Michael Cole’s Temper Off-Screen

Michael Cole
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It was reported earlier today that Kickoff show announcer Pat McAfee was close to quitting WWE at WrestleMania after a backstage altercation with Michael Cole after the WWE announcer told him that he wasn’t allowed to wear shorts.

McAfee stated that he was full blown yelled at backstage just minutes before the kickoff show started in front of a number of other WWE superstars.

It appears that this isn’t the first time that Michael Cole has decided to yell at a fellow announcer, since Alex Del Barrio (who was known as Alex Reyes in WWE) recently took to Twitter to back up the fact that this wasn’t the first time Cole had lost his temper with a fellow employee.

Del Barrio posted a lengthy thread where he opened up about Cole yelling at him for a clothing related mistake and using insider terms while working on commentary. He also talked about how Cole is part of his own culture where if he doesn’t like someone then he will do everything he can to get rid of them.

Alex Reyes didn’t last long in WWE and was released from the company back in 2016, but this does make it clear that there is seemingly a mentality backstage in WWE and Cole looks to have much more power than the WWE universe were aware of.

Michael Cole has been part of WWE now for more than two decades and WWE is looking for a way for Cole to transition into a backstage role since he has been helping the company with recruitment and storyline ideas for a number of years.

It will be interesting to see who will WWE bring in to replace Cole, who has become a powerful member of the company and according to Alex’s Tweets he’s the most hardworking member of the locker room besides Triple H himself.

Pat explains how it all went down in the video below: