Former WWE Composer Jim Johnston Talks About Not Getting Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Jim Johnston worked for WWE for over 32 years before getting released in 2017. He produced many iconic theme songs for WWE wrestlers and the fans loved his work.

In 2014, at the request of WWE Music Group’s Neil Lawi, CFO$ replaced Johnston in WWE. Recently, the former WWE theme composer talked with Vice.

Among other things, he talked about his time in WWE and showed frustration for not getting a Hall of Fame induction.

“If I said no, it would be because of getting fired, not because of stage fright. From my perspective, it’s one of those kind of weird things where you’re of very differing conflicting views on something.”

“On a practical level getting outside myself, it is bizarre that I haven’t been asked. I have to ask what do you have to accomplish to get in? I don’t think anybody does. At the same time, I got the emotional part like wait a second, where are we? You decided to boot my ass out the door and now you’re saying we want you in the Hall Of Fame so make up your mind.”