Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Announces First Public Appearance Since Release

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore (real name Eric Arndt) recently announced his first public appearance on Instagram following his release from WWE back in January.

Amore noted, “I want to engage, interact, and personally thank all of you who ever supported me! It was you who wished me luck on my future endeavors!! But I won’t need luck…. just you!!”

Amore was charged with allegations of sexual assault and was being investigated by the police and without the knowledge of WWE since October 2017. The said allegations led WWE strip Enzo off the Cruiserweight Championship and fire him from the company in January 2018. Last week, the Phoenix Police Department finally concluded that the case has been closed due to lack of sufficient evidence, although it could be reopened in the future if proper evidence is brought to light. It is to be noted that WWE is not interested (as of this writing) to bringing back the former 205 Live Superstar. Although Amore is being approached by other wrestling promotions, the ex-WWE Superstar is charging obscene amount of money.

Enzo has also changed his Instagram username to “Real1” indicating that WWE would possibly own the rights to “Enzo Amore” going forward.