Former WWE Personnel On Chris Jericho Possibly Working For IMPACT Wrestling In 2019

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Current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho is the hottest veteran free agent in the professional wrestling industry today. In a career spanning over two decades – ECW, WCW, WWF/WWE, NJPW – Jericho has seen and done it all.

Two weeks ago, Y2J held talks with several pro-wrestling promotions including IMPACT Wrestling. Throughout 2018, the 9-time WWE Intercontinental Champion has posted photos with IMPACT executives on his official Instagram account, further fueling the rumors of him working for IMPACT in 2019.

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Former WWE personnel and current IMPACT employee, Josh Matthews recently discussed the possibility of Y2J appearing for the American-Canadian promotion next year.

“Well I think it’s just one of those where his name has been said an awful lot and chanted by fans an awful lot…,” Josh said on IMPACT’s weekly media call. “We’ve all seen what Chris Jericho’s done in his career and the way he likes to surprise people or the things he likes to do when he makes his arrival into any company. No one expected him to show up at All In. He’s gone back to WWE a few times very surprisingly, and he knows exactly how to do it and make that ultimate splash.”

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Although Jericho is reportedly going to be a part of the upcoming hot “All Elite Wrestling” promotion, Matthews thinks it’s only a matter of time before The Lionheart sets foot in IMPACT.

“If and when Chris shows up at Impact Wrestling,” Mathews stated, “I hope I don’t know about it until he walks out, and you get a legitimate reaction of, ‘Oh my God. Chris Jericho is here!’ If it happens, awesome, and we can continue to build and grow each week with guys like The Rascalz.”

Shall Jericho show up at IMPACT, it would be interesting to see what theme song he decides to choose given WWE retains “Break The Walls” for which he has to resort to his own composition “Judas” in NJPW.