Former WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas Says WWE NXT vs AEW Is “A Rehash” Of Monday Night Wars

Which promotion will have the last laugh?

Image via WWE

The Wednesday Night Wars is already upon us with NXT moving to USA Network next month and AEW debuting on TNT early October.

NXT will transition into a live show September 18 onwards and fans are pretty excited about the new two-hour format.

On the other hand, AEW plans to arm their brand new weekly show with as much wrestling as possible, and several top talents have already been confirmed for the initial episodes.

Former WWE referee Jim “Jimmy” Korderas used to work for The McMahons from 1987-2009. Not only was Jimmy part of the Monday Night Wars, but he had also witnessed the severe consequences that arose with the death of WCW at the hands of WWE.

Korderas, who now works for Sportsnet, took to Twitter to share his candid opinion on the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars.

“I like that there is options for people as the talent and fans have been tweeting — options for fans, options for talent, options for everybody. It seems like a win/win situation, but at the same time it’s a rehash of the Monday Night Wars, only on Wednesday nights, but what happens after war?” 

It’s true that both sides had taken subtle shots at each other during the initial phase but things got a lot uglier with the recent the announcement of the NXT-USA Network television deal.

“Like I said there’s a winning side and a losing side, that’s what I fear in this. I don’t want a losing side. I don’t. I want everybody to do well, I want everybody to succeed I want there to continue to be options for everybody and I’m just afraid that they’ve poked the bear a little too hard, but then again what do I know? I’m just a graduate of the University Of Jabroni.”

Vince McMahon will go to extreme lengths to crush the competition on Wednesday nights. For AEW, it’s a do or die situation with everything on the line.