Former WWE Star Eugene Reveals That He Was Fired for Gaining Weight

WWE has quite a reputation when it comes to firing WWE stars for the strangest of reasons, the most recent example being Steve Cutler who was released earlier this year.

One star that many fans will remember is Eugene, who played a unique character that was seen as Eric Bischoff’s disabled nephew, who went on to become popular with the WWE Universe.

Eugene was released from WWE back in 2007 and was then re-signed in 2009, but this run didn’t even lead to a WWE appearance since the former star was fired over weight issues.

On a recent episode of Talk is Jericho with former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Eugene revealed that he wrestled current WWE star The Miz, and Vince McMahon wasn’t impressed with his physical conditioning at the time.

“I came back and apparently they’d seen me two months earlier. I must’ve gotten heat. Either I’d got so much into bad shape or the mind was turned. But they were like, ‘We’re not selling fat, old Eugene, you’re fired.’”

Eugene didn’t seem upset regarding his WWE release but it’s been almost 12 years since he had contact with the company and it doesn’t appear as though he will be returning anytime soon.