Former WWE Star Finlay Highlights the Struggles of Producing Women’s Matches in the Early 2000s

Fit Finlay is one of the best-known producers in WWE and was once one of the stars of the show. After retiring from the ring, he has transitioned into a backstage mentor and seems to now focus on women’s wrestling.

Finlay is one of the men who trained several of the current crop of women and was helping produce women’s matches back in the early 2000s when the WWE Universe overlooked everything the females had to offer.

It’s only recently, with the Women’s Revolution, that the women were taken seriously, and as part of his recent interview with Dave Penzer from Sitting Ringside, Finlay revealed how hard it was to produce women’s matches at that time.

“I was assigned to the girls and I was there when they had to do bra & panties matches and lingerie matches and pillow fights and Thanksgiving dinner matches. The whole thing. This really was not in my wheelhouse and was not who I am. I did it and tried my best at it.”

“The girls were doing good, but I was getting embarrassed telling the girls how to strip each other off on a sunset flip. Eventually, I got the girls and sat most of them down and I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know how you feel about this, but I’ll tell you how I feel.’”

“I told them I was embarrassed about, not the job, but about how to talk to a girl and tell them how to take their clothes off in a wrestling match. It was degrading to them. We all agreed, hugged, and had a plan to teach them how to wrestle. That’s what we did.”

“I got my wrist slapped and was told, ‘This is not what we want, we don’t want girls wrestling like guys.’ We want them pulling hard and having catfights and wardrobe malfunctions.’ I would back off for a day or two and then we’d go back to wrestling. Stubbornly, I kept plugging on. Then, of course, they decided they did want a women’s wrestling division, and it’s their idea, right? I sparked the flame, I guess.”