Former WWE Star Hurricane Helms Reveals That Asuka’s Green Mist Was His Idea

Asuka is the current Raw Women’s Champion and hasn’t used the green mist since Kairi Sane left WWE earlier this year.

When The Kabuki Warriors were an integral part of the Women’s Tag Team Division, the green mist became one of their tactics for winning matches which helped to get the duo over as heels.

When Paige was fired as their manager, the British star was hit with green mist rather than being assaulted given her recent injury issues.

Former WWE star and current WWE producer Shane Helms recently spoke to The ROH Strong podcast where he revealed that Asuka’s green mist was completely his idea.

“It was my idea for Asuka to start using the mist, and we had a lot of fun with that. This was a great story. So that was when her and Kairi Sane were turning heel that night and they’ve never been heel. Kairi Sane specifically never had and so I tried to think of something for them to do.”

“It needed to be somewhat heelish but they haven’t — there’s no reason for them to go full murder-mode heel yet, you know what I mean? And they were already called The Kabuki Warriors. So for me, it wasn’t a big stretch. I hear ‘kabuki’, I think of old school Kabuki, there’s the mist. For me, that was my train of thought.”

“But then I had this weird idea in my head. I said, ‘Is it weird? I mean, I don’t want to assume all Japanese wrestlers [can] do the mist.’ You don’t want to stereotype either so I wanted — I had to dance around how to ask Asuka about this and finally, I just said, ‘Let me just go ask her. Let’s see what she says,’ and she got super excited about it and she told me she had did it once before and I was like, ‘I knew it!’ And so now, I got to figure out — and I don’t want to give away the secrets of the mist but there’s certain items you have to purchase because of it, and so, and that was a very entertaining conversation in and of itself. But it came off super well. That was fun.”

Shane Helms was recently re-hired by WWE after being furloughed earlier in the year.