Former WWE Star Neville Makes His Return To Professional Wrestling

Former Cruiserweight Champion Neville hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for more than a year after he opted to walk away from the company back in October 2017 and WWE have been unable to persuade the British star to make his return to the company since.

Neville moved back to the United Kingdom late last year and started to avoid WWE’s calls before he was granted his WWE release back in August and has since refused to respond to a number of Independent wrestling promoters.

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The Wrestling Observer recently reported that the former star had gone “off the grid” and was avoiding the public eye.

The former NXT Champion popped up at Dragon Gate during day one of their Gate of Victory event earlier today where he joined R.E.D.

In recent weeks the promotion has been pushing a storyline involving a mystery ‘X’ figure and Neville was revealed to be the figure in question and reverted back to his old name Pac.

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The WWE Universe has followed Neville’s story over the past year and many expected him to go to New Japan Pro Wrestling or make his return in the United Kingdom, so his presence at Dragon Gate was a huge shock.

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Neville has quite the following in Dragon Gate after appearing for the company for more than five years before he was signed by WWE back in 2012 and he lifted a number of Championships as part of the promotion, which is why he has opted to make his return to professional wrestling with a familiar company.

This now opens the door for Neville to make other appearances on the Independent Circuit and push his wrestling career forward after a year on the sidelines.