Former WWE Superstar Gillberg Suffers a Heart Attack

Throughout the late 1990s, Gillberg became a star in WWE as a parody of then WCW Superstar Goldberg. WWE planned to have Gillberg lose 173 consecutive matches while also doing his own version of the star’s iconic entrance.

A new character was born in WWE and he went on to become a popular star with the WWE Universe throughout the Attitude Era.

Gillberg has recently become close friends with fellow WWE jobber James Ellsworth and the two stars even faced off in the former star’s retirement match earlier this year.

This could be the main reason why Gillberg’s family contacted the former star and asked him to make his recent health news public.

Ellsworth took to his own Twitter page to release a short video where he informed the wrestling world that the former star suffered a heart attack yesterday but was so much better today.

Ellsworth noted that Duane Gill who is more commonly known as Gillberg had just gotten out of ICU and was looking to return home from the hospital this weekend.

Ellsworth ended the video by asking for the prayers of the WWE Universe and the fans of Gillberg around the world as part of Thanksgiving.