Former WWE Women’s Champion Teasing A Comeback?

Candice Michelle
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Candice Michelle walked away from WWE more than seven years ago, but the former Women’s Champion only officially retired from the ring in December last year, when she faced her old friend and rival Victoria at House of Hardcore in her home state of Wisconsin.

Michelle announced her retirement before WWE revealed that the women would be given their own Royal Rumble in January, which could be why she wasn’t one of the women chosen to be part of the show.

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Candice has settled into family life and accepted her life as a mother to her three children, but she could be hinting that she would like to be part of Evolution.

Michelle recently posted the following update on her Instagram where she points out that she forgot her sneakers and instead opted to wear her wrestling boots to work out today. Candice said that she had packed them ahead of her Ted Talk but she needed to work out and they obviously still fit.

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Candice came to WWE through the annual Diva Search and went on to become the first former Diva Search contestant to win a Championship which shows that she was an integral part of the Women’s Division before the Revolution was pushed to the forefront of WWE a few years ago.

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There were many women missing from the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble that deserve to be part of Evolution and Candice is one of them.

There are a number of women including Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and Torrie Wilson who worked in WWE at the same time as Candice and they have been invited back to the company for Evolution so there’s no reason why the former Women’s Champion shouldn’t be part of the show.