Former WWE Writer Reveals Storyline Pitch That Would Have Seen Vince McMahon Kill Hornswoggle

Vince McMahon was embroiled in an interesting storyline back in 2007 which claimed that Hornswoggle was his Illegitimate son. It was a lengthy story ahead of the big reveal and The Chairman was far from happy when the former Cruiserweight Champion was revealed as his biological child.

Of course, WWE was a different place back in 2007 and there were a lot of things that the company could get away with back then that wouldn’t be deemed appropriate at present. It’s also worth remembering that McMahon faked his own death later that year when he was in a limo explosion.

It appears that WWE could have tested the deems of what was appropriate with another storyline if the pitch had been approved since former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz revealed on his Twitter page that there was an idea for Vince McMahon to kill Hornswoggle live on WWE TV in the most shocking way.

“Hornswoggle Dilemma: Have Vince say to HS that we’re going for a ride as Vince stuffs HS into a pillowcase. Have a camera standing on a bridge and the audience sees Vince throw HS out the window of his limousine and over the bridge railing. HS plummets to his death. I know it’s morbidly and highly unlikely ever to be used, but I think it’s something that a fed up Mr. McMahon could resort to after trying for so long to get rid of him,” he wrote.

It definitely would have been an interesting way for the former Champion to bow out of WWE if it had gone ahead. The Tweet managed to garner the attention of WWE Hall of Famer JBL, who appears to still be open to the idea of doing this to Hornswoggle, who last appeared on WWE TV back at The Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018.