Former WWE Writer On Vince McMahon Making Last-Minute Changes

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Vince McMahon is responsible for the juggernaut that WWE is today. From emerging victorious in the Monday Night Wars to crushing the competition for over two decades, The Chairman of the Board knows a thing or two about driving business and making shocking changes at the very last minute.

In a recent interview with Fightful, former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs revealed McMahon’s habit of making changes to the script at the eleventh hour.

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“Day of changes to the show happened every week. Something I agree with that Vince says — the best idea wins. Even if it’s at the eleventh hour. Let’s do that better thing, not ‘we already have this on paper.’ It would vary. Sometimes it would be minimal, sometimes you’d get to the show (and it changes).

The CEO re-wrote RAW in Houston, Texas to give a more positive vibe to the show after the recent demise of 41st POTUS George H.W. Bush.

Jacobs revealed that this isn’t the first time – Mr. McMahon has a habit of making changes to pre-planned scripts when WWE is in Houston.

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“I remember one time we were in Houston, Texas, and Vince likes to visit his mom when he’s there. He gets to the show late and changed a significant portion of the show.

“I think this show started with Roman Reigns and he was coming in from the concourse like The Shield used to do, and a writer had to give Roman the script for what’s going to happen minutes before he’s supposed to go out there. That gave me an appreciate for how well that place runs.”

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The McMahon Family ushered in a New Era on RAW after TLC to turn around the product in an effort to recover from the abysmal TV ratings recorded in recent weeks. Given WWE’s sudden dip, expect more last-minute changes are likely on the horizon to ensure that fans “have the best possible experience that there is.”