Four Horsemen Manager J.J. Dillon States There’s No Need For Managers Today

Image via Twitter

Hall of Famer J.J. Dillon, who is widely remembered as the manager of the Four Horsemen, spoke to Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. about the “lost art” of managing.

According to Dillon, the reason you don’t really see wrestlers with mangers anymore is that there are fewer wrestlers around who need a manager.

“A manager is needed when you have an Abdullah the Butcher or somebody that’s a bigger than life character that doesn’t speak,” said Dillon.

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“That visual picture is powerful and that’s where a manager is very important because he can then be the mouthpiece that tells a story. A guy like The Stomper just needs to stand there and be the physical picture,” he added.

“That’s why you don’t see as many managers now because there’s not a need for them. Just to have a manager, to have a manager, doesn’t make sense,” concludes Dillon.

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Dillon also spoke a bit about his relationship with Ric Flair who he has known for over 40 years. According to him, Flair is something “magical” and the reason he was so special is that he would always deliver.

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“What I respect most about him is his work ethic. He can go to an arena with 20,000 people and have them sitting on the edge of their seats. Or sometimes you go to a small town and maybe the crowd isn’t what you anticipated it would be. A lesser talent might go out and say, ‘Well, I’m just gonna go through the motions because the crowd isn’t what the promoter said it would be.’ But Ric went out and understood that if there were only five people there, those people paid the same as if there were 20,000 people,” said Dillon.

The interview with Dillon is part of a recent episode of Wrestling Inc.’s WINCLY podcast.