FOX Executive Comments On WWE’s Declining Ratings

SmackDown Live averaged over 2.5 million viewers during 2017

Image via WWE

WWE SmackDown Live is set to move to Friday nights on FOX programming quite soon, and fans are excited and filled with intrigue about the impending move. FOX has already started promoting the new show on their broadcast and will look to get the maximum viewership for the blue brand of WWE.

However, SmackDown Live’s current stay on USA Network has been less than stellar, as SmackDown and RAW have suffered huge drops in ratings in recent times. SmackDown Live has been averaging sub 2 million for quite some time now, which is not a number FOX executives will be thrilled with.

Mark Evans from FOX Sports recently spoke with The Big Lead regarding the changes to FOX programming and was asked about WWE’s recent downward trends in ratings.

Evans was not too concerned with the current ratings and seemed confident about SmackDown Live succeeding on the FOX network. There have been several rumors of WWE bringing back a more Attitude Era-esque feel to the blue brand once it moves to FOX in October. Evans talked about bringing these changes to SmackDown Live.

“We feel how we’re going to present and how we’re going to promote the WWE is going to inject it with such a new life. It’s going to be a home run for us.”

SmackDown Live averaged over 2.5 million viewers during 2017, a hot period for WWE after the draft took place. However, ever since December last year, WWE’s ratings have plummeted massively which raised concerns for their current network as well. USA asked WWE to bring in certain changes to the programming which included the Wild Card Rule and 24/7 Championship, among other things.

Although FOX executives don’t seem much concerned, the massive decline in ratings will surely be a major factor in the way things are handled. FOX is notorious for canceling shows with declining ratings, which include fan-favorites such as Firefly, Arrested Development, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.