FOX Officials Reportedly Not Happy With Jeff Hardy Urine Test Segment on SmackDown

Friday night on SmackDown, Sheamus forced his Backlash opponent to take a urine test to ensure that he was “clean” ahead of their showdown, while stating that if the test came back positive then he refused to wrestle “a junkie.”

Of course, the test was negative and the match went ahead with Sheamus defeating Hardy in one of the shocks of the night.

The SmackDown segment ended with Hardy throwing almost a glass full of urine on Sheamus’ face, something that Fox Officials were reportedly unhappy about.

While the segment aired live on the East Coast, this wasn’t the case on the West Coast since the show cut to commercial before Hardy launched his attack.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, “FOX officials decreed that the angle violated their Standards & Practices.” This has caused some issues for WWE, who were forced to cut the segment out of their replays and have instead put an ad break in place of the angle.

Sheamus was victorious on Sunday night even though he was the one who seemingly set up Hardy in an attack on Elias, so the fallout from his Backlash victory could be interesting this week on SmackDown.