Fox Is Really Interested In Getting The WWE…. Like Really Interested!

We have talked on here before about how the WWE’s relationship with USA Network could be coming to an end. Their current deal does not run out until September 2019 and they are currently in a grace period with USA where they can only negotiate with them.

According to Wrestlezone though, Fox is very interested in getting the WWE on their programming and are willing to pay top dollar to do so.  400 million a year is being thrown around right now and if that figure were to be paid, Fox’s relationship with the UFC would certainly be over.

One of the interesting things about this whole deal is that apparently, WWE RAW would actually be shown on Fox’s main channel. That tells you right there how much they want this deal to happen that they would be willing to do that. While RAW would be appearing on Fox, Smackdown it is said would be shown on Fox Sports 1.

It is a very interesting time for the WWE and you really cannot blame them for trying to get the best deal possible. While many of us would like to see RAW return to two hours if they do change station if a company like Fox is going to pay that amount of money, no way they are missing out of an extra hour of advertising!