FTR Changes Name of Finisher to Honor Brodie Lee

AEW tag team, FTR, is changing the name of their finisher to honor the late Brodie Lee.

On Twitter, Dax Harwood revealed that they would be changing the name of their finisher, the Goodnight Express, to Big Rig.

According to Harwood, they decided to do so to honor Lee and had gotten the blessing of Lee’s wife Amanda Huber to do so.

Big Rig was one of the names that Lee used in the indies, and according to Harwood, using that name for their finisher is their way of “keeping a bit of his legacy alive in professional wrestling.”

Harwood’s tweet has since been retweeted by his tag team partner Cash Wheeler.

Both Wheeler and Harwood knew Lee for several years, from their time on the indie scene as well as their time in WWE.

All three of them came up together in NXT before they eventually moved to the main roster as part of the Revival and The Wyatt family.

FTR first started using the move that will be called the Big Rig, back in the WWE. It was called the Shatter Machine then, but the duo had to change it as that particular phrase is trademarked by WWE.