FTR’s Handshake Deal With AEW Allows Them to Compete in Rival Promotions

The latest addition to the AEW tag team division, FTR have already positioned themselves as the premier athletes on the roster. Only rivaled by The Young Bucks, FTR is en route to re-establishing themselves as the best tag team in the business.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Wheeler are set to be a focal part of The Khan promotion but they haven’t signed with AEW just yet. However, that doesn’t affect FTR’s way of operations in the industry.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Dax clarified that their handshake deal with AEW allows them to take on opponents in other promotions. AEW hasn’t imposed any restrictions about where they can compete but one thing’s for sure – the duo isn’t going back to WWE ever again.

“The pandemic – that’s the only restriction we have right now and hopefully things are gonna start lightening up soon. But yeah, it is almost a handshake deal.”

“Tony trusts us and we trust Tony. We’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of different guys and Cash and myself are extremely excited about the opportunities we have in front of us.”

The coronavirus pandemic stands as the only limitation at present, but it will be interesting to see just how many companies FTR end up wrestling for, once normalcy returns.