FTR is Still Negotiating a Contract With AEW

The tag team FTR, who were known as The Revival in WWE, turned up on the May 27 episode of AEW Dynamite.

A jump to AEW for Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler has been teased for some time now, specifically to feud with AEW’s Young Bucks. However, according to the duo, they have yet to sign a contract with AEW.

“We’re negotiating still,” said Wheeler on an episode of Jim Cornette’s podcast “The Experience.

“We have a short-term, almost handshake deal,” he added. “We’re not under any long-term obligation with anybody.”

Harwood was also a guest on the podcast and he spoke a little more about FTR’s relationship with AEW, specifically with chief executive officer Tony Khan.

“Tony has been great to us,” said Harwood. “He has trusted us, and you know, he’s got trust in us, full trust, which is probably why he’s allowing us to appear on these handshake deals.”

“I think he really believes that with myself and Cash, he really believes that we are the guys who can get over,” added Harwood.

Harwood went on to call the potential match with the Young Bucks a dream match that everyone – including FTR and Khan – want to see.

You can check out the rest of FTR’s comments and thoughts on a Young Bucks feud in the video below: