FTR Reveals That Brodie Lee Wanted to Team Up With Them and Invade AEW

Brodie Lee, f.k.a Luke Harper, tragically passed away last month due to a lung issue, which has sent the wrestling world into a frenzy.

A lot of wrestlers have spoken about their stories with the Exalted One, and FTR has some interesting tidbit on the star.

While speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, FTR revealed that Lee wanted to emulate Radicalz’s invasion and make an immediate statement.

“We had a group text with him, and he said, ‘I want us to be The Radicalz.’ Me, Cash and him, he wanted us to be The Radicalz. We had these big, grandiose plans to come in together.”

“I guess so [they retired Mickie James] because they listed her as one of the Legends and she hasn’t been back. So, yeah that’s what it seems like.”

However, FTR’s late departure meant that Harper was chosen for a completely different role. FTR has been quite entertaining in the Tag Team Division but could’ve been a force to reckon with Lee on their side.