FTR Says WWE Employees are Afraid to Pitch Ideas to Vince McMahon

FTR’s request for their WWE release made the duo sit at home for months. Following WrestleMania 36, FTR finally found their way to AEW and made their debut on the May 27th episode of Dynamite.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler’s 6-year stint with Vince McMahon’s promotion saw them become the first WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions. Despite their success, things didn’t go too well for FTR and the duo finally made their WWE exit.

On Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast, FTR discussed the strange way how things operate backstage in WWE.

While Mr. McMahon is always willing to hear new ideas, the creative is too afraid to pitch their thoughts to The Chairman. This often results in frustration for the Superstars.

“Vince wants to hear ideas. Whether he wants to use them is up to him. But, the 130 people that you have to go through to give those ideas, they are so afraid to be face to face with him. It blows my mind.”

“I understand he is an enigma. I understand he’s created his own legacy in the minds of people in the business.  But, they are so afraid of losing their job because they pitch an idea but want to stay as low key as possible because they want to get a paycheck the next week.  That is sad.”

Ahead of their departure from WWE, FTR was set to become a comedy team and it was just another way of the billion-dollar promotion burying talents on their way out.

However, Dax and Cash somehow managed to prevent the same from happening, and in the end, protected their image in the pro wrestling industry.

FTR’s AEW run has been excellent so far; the undefeated duo will challenge Kenny Omega and Adam Page for the AEW World Tag Team Championship at ALL OUT and might as well become the new titleholders on Saturday night.