FTR Talks Feud With The Usos in WWE, Say It Was Mishandled

FTR, formerly known as The Revival in WWE, eventually declined to re-sign with the company due to dissatisfaction over how they were being used.

The tag team felt that they weren’t given good feuds or allowed to continue promising storylines, including one with The Usos.

“I think that the feud that we had with the Usos was completely mishandled,” said Dax Harwood.

“That feud could’ve done so much for tag team wrestling in WWE, but it never came. It was refreshing and those are two guys that we tested our skills again,” he added.

The Usos and the revival clashed over the Raw Tag Team Championships in 2019 and had a series of well-received matches. However, the feud was controversial among fans as it also saw The Revival being made to do some comedy segments that many feel was not suited to the duo’s character.

“If you go back and look at those Raws from June of 2019, we had some bar-burners with the Usos, but they’ll be forgotten because they were never marquee match-ups,” he added.

Cash Wheeler, for his part, added that the duo would want to face the Usos again given a chance.