Gerald Brisco Talks About WWE Release and if He Was Upset

Gerald Brisco was one of the WWE employees to be furloughed this year in April. The WWE Hall of Famer recently talked to WrestlingInc and when asked if he was upset that the company fired him, he said that he wasn’t. Over the years, the former wrestler made several friends in WWE and he was fortunate for it. 

“When I got free, I kind of took a deep breath, and people said, ‘Weren’t you pissed off?’ People were trying to get dirt from me,” Brisco noted.

“36 years with one company, I got dirt, but do I choose to go there? No, because I just think back on the wonderful friendships I made. I was there day one for Undertaker, and I felt bad I couldn’t be their last night, but with this damn virus, we can’t do a lot of things that we want to do.”

He further said that he wasn’t worried after he lost his job. Gerald took care of his funds and doesn’t have any money-related problems in his life. The former WWE 24/7 Champion said that he’s scouting young talents and is doing his all to give it back to others.