Goldberg Explains Dangerous Botch Against The Undertaker At WWE Super ShowDown 2019

The dream match turned out to be a nightmare for the WWE Universe

Image via WWE

Goldberg and The Undertaker clashed for the first time in their careers this past June at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

The dream match turned out to be a nightmare for the WWE Universe – Goldberg had concussed himself early on and as a result, The Phenom alone had to carry the entire bout on his shoulders.

Both legends had to reach deep down to execute a simple grapple – The Myth was so rash that not only could he have injured The Deadman, but he could’ve paralyzed himself as well.

On Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, Goldberg revealed the truth about his dangerous botch against ‘Taker in KSA.

“If I’m gonna be a defensive lineman that was an all-American, if I’m gonna be a guy that played a couple of years in the NFL, if I’m gonna be a guy that is known to be a thrasher, I’m not gonna run into a turnbuckle and miss it and act like it killed me. I can’t do that, so I have to make it look as close to it killing me as possible. And sometimes, unfortunately, the circumstances are such that I go a little overboard.”

The former Universal Champion didn’t hesitate to call the botch “an unfortunate deal” and further explained how people backstage had already predicted that he was going to knock himself out following the dangerous head-first collision with the ring post.

“A couple of the bookers came up to me afterwards and said, ‘We called it, we knew you were gonna do that’ because fifty percent of the time that I’ve done that spot, I’ve not had good results.”