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Tony Khan Bans Hulk Hogan and His Ex-Wife From All AEW Shows

The United States has been going through a number of issues over the past week with riots sparking up in a number...

Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Released By WWE Following Title Loss on Raw

Last night on RAW, Rob Gronkowski lost the 24/7 Championship to R-Truth to mark his WWE exit ahead of the upcoming NFL...

WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio Sends Warning to Seth Rollins, R-Truth Reclaims 24/7 Championship

The WWE Universe was prepared for Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony this week on Monday Night Raw, but it wasn't as expected. Mysterio...

Adam Cole Becomes The Longest Reigning WWE NXT Champion

Adam Cole has now held the WWE NXT Championship for a year, becoming the longest-reigning champion in the title’s history.

Goldberg Teases WWE Return, Nikki Cross Wants To Win Back The Women’s Tag Team Championships

There are many fans that believed that Goldberg would never return to WWE, but back in 2017 that changed dramatically when he entered the ring for the first time in more than a decade and completely dominated Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg has since returned a number of times which has allowed him to win the Universal Championship, appear alongside The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia and most recently was able to defeat Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

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Following his loss in the Middle East, it was thought that SummerSlam was Goldberg’s official farewell, but the former Champion revealed in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated that there was a “very good possibility” that he will return.

“It’s by no means my farewell performance, nor was it my best performance, but you have to be realistic and take all things into consideration. It’s a very good possibility I’ll be back, but you don’t know it until it’s done.”

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To be in the character of Goldberg, he must be in great physical shape and it not an easy task at the age of 52.

“That gets lost in the shuffle, but it’s actually the biggest factor. I don’t know of a power wrestler that’s been able to come back after a 12-year hiatus and still be that guy. I had a really tough time keeping weight on when I was that guy, so now it’s exponentially harder. So I just need to reinvent myself. Instead of being 280 pounds with veins on my traps, I can be 260 with veins on my traps,”

Goldberg may not be seen on WWE TV until a feud with Matt Riddle is prepared, but one star that will be remaining in WWE for the next few years if former Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross given rumors about the stars recent contract extension.

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In an interview with Digital Spy, Cross confirmed that despite Alexa Bliss’ recent absence, the team still has a goal to win back the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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“We really want to be the first-ever two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. We’re 100% dedicated to keeping that team going and exploring it even more and showcasing it even more,” she said via Wrestlezone.


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Tony Khan Bans Hulk Hogan and His Ex-Wife From All AEW Shows

The United States has been going through a number of issues over the past week with riots sparking up in a number...

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