Good Brothers: “WWE Head Writer Didn’t Have Time for Us”

Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have dropped several bombs over the last few months, ever since they were released from WWE in April. The duo featured in the main event of WrestleMania 36 Night One but were handed their termination letters just a week later.

The duo spoke with Chris Van Vliet this week and revealed details on WWE’s former head writer, Ed Koskey. Karl Anderson brought his name up and said he doesn’t want to speak about Koskey.

However, Gallows took it a step further and revealed an incident, where Koskey straight-up ignored the duo in catering.

“karl anderson: I remember Ed Kosky was head writer at the time and I don’t wanna bury him, but what the f*ck does he know anyway?”

luke gallows: “Remember the time we were in catering and we went ‘hey Ed, do you have a minute?’ He goes, ‘no, not really.’ Really?”


Anderson and Gallows have revealed several scathing details, including a complete burial of Paul Heyman.

The duo is currently in Impact Wrestling, and a deal with NJPW is also in place. Ed Koskey is currently working as the Vice President of Creative after his promotion took place recently.